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Reverse Engineering the Brother MFC-7400C

I have an old Brother MFC-7400C, which doesn't work as a printer or fax machine anymore, but the document feeder makes it useful for scanning multi-page documents. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be supported under Linux, so I figured I'd try writing my own implementation by reverse engineering the scanning protocol.

SniffUSB was used for analysing the USB traffic. By obtaining logs whilst various operations are performed with the scanner, it is possible to determine the characteristics of the protocol relatively easily.

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LLJVM 0.2: C to JVM Bytecode Compiler

LLJVM 0.2 has been released. Currently, there are 6 software packages known to work with LLJVM (7 including newlib): libjpeg, zlib, libpng, lua, datalog, and several utilities (banner, morse, number, pig) from bsd-games.

For further information, including a pre-compiled demonstration of the above packages, see the project page.

Open source Photosynth: PixelStruct 0.2 released

PixelStruct 0.2 has been released. This version has two main changes from the previous version. Firstly, several new transition modes are available, allowing near seamless transition between photos. Secondly, various bugs have been fixed, allowing larger image sets to be viewed, such as the following 715-image reconstruction of Notre Dame.

For more information, including download links, please see the project homepage.



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